About Us

Pathway Business Solutions is a business consultancy company that provides business solutions to start-up businesses, SME, Enterprise and Non- Profit Organizations


Pathway Business Solutions is the brainchild of our Director Shanaaz Arendse , who has worked in many facets of Government and non-government organizations. For many years she has inspired and mentored people to start up their own business in particular those from disadvantaged communities. Pathway Business Solutions is like a tree with many branches because we believe in providing holistic services to our clients, hence the phrase “Your pathway to doing business”. All our packages are tailor made to ensure that clients are supported throughout the lifespan of their business.

We provide the following key services:

  • Registration of companies
  • Business planning
  • Funding Proposals and Tenders
  • Business processing and mapping and strategic planning
  • Business coaching
  • Training for NPO